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IMBd offers an extensive network of message boards, which though technologically dated, are extremely comprehensive content-wise.Every film, television show, actor, actress, director, producer, and other named page on IMDb has its own message board.

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I Heart Movies also has information on over 3,000 films, over 40,000 people (actors, directors, writers), and has trailers, trivia, plot summaries, and discussion forums.

Spout isn't the most polished film information site and social network on this list, but it is very complete.

Thought it launched months earlier, Flixster started experiencing phenomenal growth in 2007, and really took off when it released its "Movies" application on Facebook, which remains one of that platform's most popular apps.

Flixster is a full-featured social network for movie lovers offering film info, reviews, movie trailers, and other media, as well as general social networking features like profiles, comment walls, and friending.

Where Flixster really excels, though, is in the way they bring movie fans together and help them connect around their favorite films.

Their movie compatibility tests, movie night planner, quizzes and personality tests all make it easy to find friends and connect with people who have similar film tastes.

The points are really just for posterity, but for film buffs who like to contribute to crowdsourced information projects, it adds some all-in-good-fun appeal to Film Crave.

The site also has discussion forums, movie polls, and trailers.

According to, the message boards at IMBd sport a whopping 13 million posts, and over 4 million members, making it one of the biggest discussion communities on the Internet.

In addition to message boards, IMDb offers cast and crew listings for the most comprehensive list of films and television shows you'll ever find, trivia, quotes, reviews, ratings, goofs, box office data, trailers, photos, news, show times, plot descriptions, filming locations, and more.

The idea behind Flickchart is to tap into the crowd to collaboratively assemble the most comprehensive ranking of films ever made.