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After serving as the mascot for the AHL’s Manitoba Moose, the Jets decided to call him up to the big leagues when the team returned to Winnipeg. was then brought to the Canadiens, where he has been the mascot since 2005.

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But the tongue hanging out of the mouth is not a good look.

In fact, it was bad enough for a coach to rip out Harvey’s tongue during a game (inset).

I hope that this site gets a lot of reviews and that people think that this site is great. I couldn't think of a decent last name that would suit her, but Parker is perfect! Black Sexy, dark, cool and mysterious, who wouldn't love this last name? If you put it with an obscure first name, it makes it seem a little more common. As if the family came from the Wizarding World Hunter My crush's last name is Hunter.

Thank you - Bethgeorge95 I'm writing a story and the girl's name is Hunter. It's really good, Drake Parker was my favorite name and I absolutely recommend it to someone looking for something very simple, and easy to articulate. "Love that name I'm going to use it in my story, LOVE IT.

Most names derive either from archaic professions (Schmidt, Müller, Weber, Schäfer) or places.

Not too many of those are on the following list but examples include Brinkmann, Berger and Frank.

She's short for her age but is a swift and clever fighter with the ability to control the sea (and other bodies of water).

I need a last name for her taht preferably starts with an 'E'.

Here are examples of some of the most intimidating team names.

German last names are common in Germany and far beyond. The list was originally created by searching for the most common surnames in 2012 via German telephone books.

The tradition continued and Al became the team’s mascot.