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Taking to the message board on Sunday, the mother asked if any other parents had been in the same situation.

She said her son told her he knew it was a 'weird' question, and asked her never to speak about it again once he learned that his parents had sex once or twice a week.

In a thread called 'Am I being unreasonable to be MORTIFIED at this question from my son?

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A mother has been left 'mortified' after her son asked her how often she has sex with his dad - and fellow parents were horrified to learn she actually gave him a truthful answer.Mumsnet user Bestoutofthree was quizzed by her 12-year-old son about her sex life, in a move she said 'took her by surprise'.' several times, before telling him he's 'absolutely beautiful'.Tammy later acknowledged that Samantha's surprise surpassed anything she could have imagined.Prior to Saturday’s incident, police say there were no apparent signs that the boy had been subjected to abuse at home.

Authorities say the boy remains within the hospital with other family members.

Investigators says the mother suspected her son had pneumonia, reported the station WSOC-TV.

WBTV reported that at around 11.25pm Saturday, medical staff summoned police after noticing ‘abnormalities’ in the young patient's vital signs, including fluctuations in his breathing and oxygen levels, whenever his mother was alone with him in the room.

Then, it was time for Tammy to experience a milestone she had spent two decades dreaming about: holding her son in her arms once again.

As if making up for lost time, without hesitation, Tammy stood to pull her son into a loving embrace, repeating 'Oh my god!

I would never in a million years have asked that question of my mother!