Microsoft money not updating share prices

I had to dig around to find a way to update currency rates.After I updated to Personal Plus 2017 my share prices have not been updating. The same applies for NZ stocks with the only difference being Asset Class: New Zealand Stocks. Last night when I checked, the SCG price downloaded was the minimum share price during the day, viz, .315 not the closing price of .32. Regards, Peter Hi Rav, I have made sure my stocks are all in Asset class Aust Stocks.

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Long story short, you can develop a VBA function that is usable as an Excel spreadsheet formula. Print str CSV ' The most recent information is in row 2, just below the table headings.

In this example, "MCD" is the stock exchange ticker symbol for Mc Donald's, and DATEVALUE("2011-11-30") means that you want the quote for 30 November 2011. ' The price close is the 5th entry str Rows() = Split(str CSV, Chr(10)) ' split the CSV into rows str Columns = Split(str Rows(1), ",") ' split the relevant row into columns. Print "db Close: " & db Close Stock Quote = db Close Set http = Nothing End Function As pointed out by readers, Yahoo will automatically only deliver prices with two decimals with the URL used in this code.Click on “Update prices” under “Common tasks” on the left and select “Update prices manually…”.Just pick a stock and update its price in the following window.(Instead of DATEVALUE, you can also just include a reference to a cell that contains a date.) The formula will return the actual price close, unadjusted for splits or dividends: Function Stock Quote(str Ticker As String, Optional dt Date As Variant) ' Date is optional - if omitted, use today. If Is Missing(dt Date) Then dt Date = Date Else If Not (Is Date(dt Date)) Then Stock Quote = CVErr(xl Err Num) End If End If Dim dt Prev Date As Date Dim str URL As String, str CSV As String, str Rows() As String, str Columns() As String Dim db Close As Double dt Prev Date = dt Date - 7 ' Compile the request URL with start date and end date str URL = " 1 means 2nd row, starting at index 0 db Close = str Columns(4) ' 4 means: 5th position, starting at index 0 ' Debug. This page provides documentation for some interesting additions you can use.s=" & str Ticker & _ "&a=" & Month(dt Prev Date) - 1 & _ "&b=" & Day(dt Prev Date) & _ "&c=" & Year(dt Prev Date) & _ "&d=" & Month(dt Date) - 1 & _ "&e=" & Day(dt Date) & _ "&f=" & Year(dt Date) & _ "&g=d&ignore=.csv" ' Debug. Furthermore, reader René has uploaded an instructional video that shows how to implement this script.To check the current information about available storage plans in your country, visit One Drive Plans.