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He knows the children are his financial responsibility too… He and his ex-wife both bring home about 00 per month.

Only, we’re only able to see about 00 /- of his money after witholdings and CS. but ultimately, he’d just pay out more and they payoff to us wouldn’t be worth the time away from home?

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What kind of greedy monster would even dare ask a question like that???!!!Anyways, don’t feel bad cause I know exactly what you are going through.***GALLOWAY NEW LISTING ALERT***TURNKEY & GORGEOUSLY UPDATED***MOSS MILL HOLLOW***1518 SQ FT***TOP OF THE LINE KITCHEN***OOZING WITH CURB APPEAL AND MATURE LANDSCAPING*** POW!!!Come check out this amazing inviting, comfortable and tastefully updated STUNNER!!! Kitchen boasts stainless steel appliance suite with a 5 burner gas stove, granite counters and a center island with seating!My husband is a bit lazy because he is afraid of the courts from spending ,000 on his first kid to end up getting screwed.

So now I’m trying to figure out how I can stick it to those money hungry brats by trying to find out if I can claim one of the children and still file injured spouse on our joint return.

He is paying 30% child support plus all their health insurance needs. We can barely afford essential items and live paycheck to paycheck. He pays their benefits and pays both moms 0-700 a month in child support. We can barely afford our mortgage on a mobile home which is fairly new (2014 model).

Me and my husband fight on a daily basis because he’s paying all this money to their mother that A owns her own business B drives a brand new Mercedes and we can’t afford to put food in our fridge. The second mom also lied on her financial affidavit when she originally filed for child support saying she only worked as a waitress when she was in fact making an hour as a teacher.

Moving forward……we are married with 1 child of our own now. The other has a masters degree as a teacher making ,000-70,000 a year and works a waitress job on the weekends making more money.

We have his 3 kids every Tuesday until Wednesday morning (he picks them up from school on Tuesdays and they stay the night and he brings them to school Wednesday morning) we also have them every weekend until Monday morning which again he drops them off to school. The second mother is so greedy she’s taking him back for more child support. The second mom has a brand new infinity and lives in a nice house.

I’m able to put some of my check away into our retirement… Does he have to put his financial planning on hold for the next 13 years? But for everyday working people, the new spouse’s income is untouchable. His son was living with us and the mother was getting child support, good stamps,husband had been fighting in court for two years now.