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Take care of yourself first and you become the most attractive to him anyway. But all the guys I know who smitten with a girl did NOT suddenly stop texting.

And that includes if he pulls back, well of course you do. I have never hear of a guy or met a guy, personally, who fell hard for a girl and was super into her and yet had to "have space" after 3 MONTHS.

Yes I have noticed that after 'the exclusivity talk' the man will withdraw a little, it usually last 24-48 hours and he springs right back. however, based on real life stories: i know several instances where the guy does come back, really good stories-long lasting relationships and some, of course, where a poof is just a poof.

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But unfortunately a fade out and this "space" look exactly the same so it's hard to tell what's going on.Whole point is that it's not your job nor should you get caught up in figuring it out. He had an awful thing happen to him that made our earlier dating difficult.Why would you invest your precious time into someone who poofs on you? If you was really the realest, Wouldn't be fightin' it. In the way Ummmm, actually, MOST guys who are really into a girl do not need to dissappear for days. Some guys can really like but they are not TAKEN by you and therefore yes they do need space in order to figure out if they are into you enough to continue investing in you.It doesn't mean never invest but certainly not when he pulls a disappearing act. __________________ Everybody's like: He's no item, Please don't like em, He don't wife em, He one nights em, I never listened No. All that sh*t you was spittin', So unoriginal, But it was you. Many women don't require that a guy is SUPER into them... If Kate doesn't need a guy who's crazy about her but who grows to be very fond of her and to grow to love her over a lot of time, then this guy could very well be good long term relationship material.If you chase him he will just take his time and not make a move, in fact often decide you are not valuable enough to move forward with.

Plus you are covering your bases by going out with others.

He'd want to confide a little in you and use you as a positive in his life to get through personal issues.

3 months dating and he had not sealed the deal with you, that was indicative that he talked the talk but didn't walk the walk.

So I went out on a limb (at 3 months I don't think it's scary to tell someone that you like them) and I told him how I felt. We went to the movies, it ended with him dropping me off, us kissing, he contacted me that weekend sending me pics of him with his family, he made a funny comment about what would happen if we were officially together and then POOF. I let it go for a couple of days and then casually reached out, we spoke briefly and he said he was sick and super busy at work. But we've had so many conversations where he's told me he's interested and if he wasn't and didn't think anything would work out he would straight up tell me. I'm not sitting around on him, I actually went out on a first date since this occurred and I'm seeing my friends, etc... Am I an idiot to have some hope he'll come around eventually? but he then discovers that he's not crazy about you. I've started out thinking that I was really into a guy..

only to then "realise" that I actually wasn't smitten with him.

And WHEN he comes back, make sure he knows that you are uncertain yourself about his candidacy as boyfriend material for you. Trust me, he will respect this approach and you will benefit from it, short and long term. i'm an optimist and realist (i think) and quite sure if you've been talking every day for last 3 months, he is not gone for good. This could work out, if the guy seemed great and you loved your time together he may simply need time to decide if he is into you enough to continue.