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It was grueling for a while, but neither Marjorie nor I were too afraid.

We trusted and prayed that the Lord would see us through, which He did.

Quite recently Marjorie (my fiancée) and I were returning home over the weekend from a car trip to Ohio.Not wanting to miss Mass, we looked online at Mass times for the areas we would be traveling through on Saturday afternoon.A definitive consolidation of the union, however, did not come until the 16th century, brought about largely through the work of the Jesuit John Eliano.In 1584 Pope founded the Maronite College in Rome, which flourished under Jesuit administration into the 20th century and became a training centre for scholars and leaders.As a result of this incident, the Maronites achieved formal autonomy within the Ottoman Empire under a nonnative Christian ruler.

In 1920, following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Maronites of Lebanon became self-ruling under French protection.

Expecting to be driving near Uniontown, PA about four o’clock, we found several churches that had four o’clock Saturday afternoon Masses listed.

But our travel plans were slightly delayed driving over the mountainous region of Interstate 70.

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A road trip on a weekend and making sure you can still get to Mass can sometimes result in a very pleasant surprise and a holy experience.

Aramaic is still used by the Maronites in various hymns and parts of the Mass, especially at the Consecration. Maron was a hermit, who, by his holiness and the miracles he worked, attracted many followers.