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And what's up with that f*cking laugh track which all multi-cam shows use?

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A good comedy is about good writing, good actors, and creative stories. I think that even a laugh track isn't that much of a barrier to something being funny.It only really starts to annoy me when the laugh track starts to cramp the comic timing of the show—when everyone stops in their tracks for a few seconds after a joke or a character entrance so that the laugh track can do its thang.I don't even have to point out the reasons why, do I?Look at the shows that are getting all the nominations nowadays for best comedy.i would like to see the other wall of charlie harper's house or ) were all multi-cam.

These shows take themselves far less seriously than single-cam shows, and have a far less pretentious attitude about themselves.Last week we asked you to vote on which format you prefer your comedies to use: single-camera or multi-camera.And though I would like to say that the votes were fairly split, they weren't, and the final tally wasn't much of a surprise.Also, just an innocent observation: Fans of single-camera comedies seem to be a bit more vocal and aggressive about their opinion.Here are some of the highlights from the comments section: Taccado laid it out thusly (don't forget to read this in a Finnish accent): "OK, the answer is simple: Single-camera shows are far more superior than multi-camera ones.Everyone, except for pirates and kids who use BB guns, sees the world through multiple eyes.