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Available at your bookstores is something called , by Myers and his live-in girlfriend, actress Robin Ruzan (presumably a major babe in her own right).The slim volume focuses on Wayne's major obsessions: babes, partying, tunes and vomiting.

On the last subject it offers such advice as "Recycle your hurl.

When I have a hurl on deck, I grab some sort of receptacle.

"It was like when the Incas first saw the tall ships," he says.

"It was too unbelievable to talk about, so by dint of that it didn't exist.

Spheeris stops them and tells them to bow in unison. " Once they've scraped themselves off the bottom of Alice Cooper's shoe, they watch the scene played back on a monitor.

Over and over Myers and Carvey enter, fall to their knees, kiss Cooper's ring and cry out as they prostrate themselves: "We're not worthy! " At the end of the sixth take, even after Spheeris says, "That's a cut," they can't stop, adding: "We're scum! Carvey laughs, and Myers nervously chews his fingernail and smiles. In a world of recycled entertainment in which movies end up being pilots for television shows (), it makes perfect sense to take a couple of characters whose natural comedic life span is about five minutes and extend it by a factor of twenty."There were twelve Waynes in my class," says Myers."Wayne is everybody — including myself — who I used to hang out with." He says the persona fools people: "I was always a student who liked to hang out with guys who partied — and get my homework done.While Wayne's slogan may be Party On and he may have a scorn for adults trapped in the world of commerce, a lot of people, Myers included, are hoping "Wayne's World," in all its incarnations, will become a small industry.Want a permanent guide to the world according to Wayne?Wrapped in a black leather jacket on this chilly Los Angeles night, she is smoking and seems tense, though she laughs as she hears the dialogue through a headset.