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I came across this recently with two potential matches, who had the same names as each others’ ex. The lady was completely cool and unaffected, a clear sign there was no baggage or emotion connected to her ex.

These people maybe the “average” nice looking people whose profiles will be skipped over because unrealistic expectations of the definition of beautiful and handsome takeover. Some users are looking for celebrity look-alikes even though they have never dated anyone resembling their ideal before.They also lose perspective that their “type” might not find them attractive…Some people will also skip over anyone’s profile that resembles an ex in any way or has the same name.If you’ve tried it, you won’t be shocked to know that an estimated 85% of on line dating profiles aren’t accurate.You might be one of the rare lucky ones who hasn’t experienced meeting your date in person for the first time; to find that compared to the photo you have been chatting to, they’re a few years older, four inches shorter, and 10 pounds heavier…wait not even single!The majority of people aren’t naturally photogenic either, even good quality photos don’t truly capture someone’s best features, warmth and presence, their energy, and body language all of which counts towards attractiveness.

Even if they do and have an amazing profile; profiles are lost in the masses of internet dating profiles and overlooked.

All profiles start to blend together, and people start to look like products for manic profile surfers and winkers.

How can you begin to find a good person when all start looking the same?

This seven-week period between Christmas and Valentine’s day is reported to be the busiest time for on line dating sites internationally, and sees a 30% increase in sign ups, 10% leave within 30 days of signing up- mostly women!

Survey results confirm that the number one complaint about dating sites is that people are dishonest, lie about their age, marital status, career, even their name.

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