Interesting questions to ask on a dating site

That means they present pie charts of the reasons why people are leaving and graphs of people’s opinions of upper management. But I do have a problem with their publishing quotes directly from the leaving employees.

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You have a big butt you can help me [pick out something that would look good with my own big butt]” or “Oh, you get it with how big your hips are!” or the most common: “I’d rather you help me due to your size!If it turns out that the hiring manager is one of them, then who knows, maybe this could pay off.But in general, it sounds like too tenuous of a connection to use. When exit interviews are shared staff-wide My company has recently, in a bid for transparency, started to publish the results of exit interviews each quarter.He knows the hiring manager’s lawn guy, and the lawn guy has offered to give the manager my friend’s resume instead of my friend applying online. Should my friend take the lawn guy up on his offer?

Does he just cut his lawn, or is the relationship deeper than that?It sounds to me like the “I’d rather you help me due to your size!” comments capture what’s going on — that your customers feel particularly comfortable with Jess since she’s closer in size to them.I’d love to provide some feedback, but I don’t want my coworkers knowing exactly what I said.I’m not going to say anything bad, but I will say where the problems are in my experience.I had a work friend leave the company recently and I knew right away what quotes were hers.