How to celebrate 1 year anniversary dating

If you already have a crafty hobby, such as jewelry making, scrapbooking or sewing, pull out your supplies and do your best work for this special occasion.

Instead, sit down and pen him a love letter that expresses your feelings for him and your hopes for the future. Frame Some Photos Remind him of your favorite moments from your first year together by printing out some photos and creating a collage of memories.

While posed portraits are nice, skip the serious shots and choose action shots of the two of you laughing and having fun together.

I've been crying since last night but now i think it was really stupid of me to be upset.

It doesn't matter if he did anything or not, what matters is that he truly loves you.

I got him something really expensive and I was collecting money for it for like 3 months and it wasn't easy for me.

I was really upset yesterday and he knew i was really upset but he just didn't understand why I was upset.

If you planned a festive evening out, give him an eyeful before slipping into the rest of your outfit.

The little tease is sure to add an extra charge to the occasion.8.

Not only will it keep things from getting stale, surprising him with a new trick will remind him of fun and exploratory first times you were together.

Anniversary gifts are all about remembering the fantastic moments from the year and gearing up for another round of fun and romance.

Or, pack up the meal, grab a blanket and set out for a picnic in a lovely, private spot.2.