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I use Skype mainly to call my parents, who don't live in the UK.Every three months I used to get a painful reminder of the distance between us, when British Telecom sent me my quarterly phone bill.All in all Skype is brilliant, very user-friendly, very cheap...

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The premise of Vonage is simple - plug your existing phone or a second handset into a specially adapted router and start making phone calls over the internet.Vonage charges 9.99 a month, and for that price local and national calls are all free, while calls to mobiles and international numbers are much cheaper.The BBC News website's business editor Tim Weber is a Skype user, while acting technology editor Darren Waters has been getting to grips with Vonage.We've got a new word in our family dictionary, "to skype", as in: "we can skype this evening", or "I'll skype you now".Conference calls are easy to set up, and instant messaging is possible, too. The sound quality is at least as good as a normal phone call if you use the speakers/microphone combination, and excellent if you use a headset.

A "call" to a Skype contact is free, regardless of duration and where the other person is based.Telephone calls made over an internet connection are predicted to be the next revolution in telecommunications.Cheaper broadband costs and user friendly software is helping users to start making Voice over IP (Vo IP) calls, with a number of companies offering products.Vonage also allows you to create a "virtual number" with a UK dialling code, which means people can ring you for the cost of a standard call to that area.At the moment, there is only a limited number of UK dialling codes to use for your virtual number - mainly the metropolitan areas.Features such as voice mail, call waiting etc are all included in the price. The monthly price includes a broadband router with two phone ports, which is connected to your existing broadband modem.