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Numbers 72000 to 72004 were based solely at Glasgow Polmadie shed (66A) with loco's 72005 to 72009 based at the Carlisle Kingmoor shed.

The Just Trains ' Clan Class' collection is probably the most authentic and realistic steam locomotive add-on available to date and comes with a unique switcher tool to allow a Simple version to be driven.

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These carriages were fitted with Pullman gangways on standard 64 ft (20 m) frames and fitted with buck-eye couplers as standard.Buck-eye couplers can be dropped and buffers extended to allow use of screw coupling fitted locomotives.The Western Region on the other hand adopted chocolate and cream to sufficient stock to operate its named trains like the Cornish Riviera Express and Torbay Express being two examples.The Southern Region introduced the yellow UIC cantrail stripe denoting first class in 1960 for boat train coaches.Production built Mark 3 stock for class 253 and 254 Inter City 125 were built at Derby Litchurch Lane in 1975-82 with BT10 bogies with a maximum of 125 mph (201 km/h) seat 48 and referred to as a trailer First.

Mark 3a is the production built loco-hauled Mk3 built by BR at Derby Litchurch Lane introduced on the West Coast Main Line from 1975.

The British Railways Standard Class 6, otherwise known as the ‘Clan Class’, was a class of 4-6-2 Pacific tender steam locomotive designed by Robert Riddles.

Between 19 ten locomotives were built at Crewe and another 15 were planned for construction.

The ‘Clan’ Class was based on the ‘Britannia’ Class, but employed a smaller boiler and used various weight-saving measures to increase the route availability for the locomotive's intended area of operations in the west of Scotland.

The ‘Clan’ Class locomotives took their names from a previous locomotive class that was being withdrawn from service at the time and reinforced their intended running location.

From 1979, seven First Open were used on the Glasgow to Edinburgh push pull service 11004-11010 with 11022 added later as 11004 was involved in the Polmont rail accident in 1984.