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of course, i don't act on itthe building I work in is made of glass, there is one area that is under a set of stairs, it's the only covered outside area not near an entrance but the people who work on the other side of the window didn't want to look at the smokers out we get to stand in the rain Picoult writes about all kinds of stuff, but its when she explores difficult to think about topics when i enjoy her just makes me mad enoughto talk with peole i see smking, especially yong ones.

" We have a face-off of epic proportions between the returning champ, Lung Cancer, and the challenger, Cirhossis of the Liver"I can't even smell peanuts or peanut products without going into anaphylactic shock (I stop breathing), but I'm not lobbying for the outlawing of something that many more others enjoy daily, even though it's deadly to meno, my allergy is in my control. I don't go to Texas Roadhouse or Lone Star Steackhouse because they serve peanuts there.*I* make the choice not to go, even though I love steak and woiuld really like one I think if people want to smoke, they should be allowed to -- in their own homes, inside so neighbors who don't smoke don't get exposed.i go to the bar to have a drink, not to come out smelling like an ashtray.the smell of smoke makes me nauseous, and i have to wash my hair 2-3 times to get the smell out. If one goes to a non-smoking bar, then one better not smoke.After about six weeks I forgot to put one on and didn't realilze it till 3 pm.

I figured I was curedmy body is kinda like a game show: Tonight on "What's Going to Kill Abmoraz First?

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i guess id be content if there were "smoking" and "nonsmoking" bras though... If another goes to a smoking bar, they should be prepared for the side effects of smoking.