God view of dating

TRUE worship involves more than simply attending a weekly religious service.

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Of course, the one who loves you most is your heavenly Father, Jehovah God, who advises you to “remove vexation from your heart, and ward off calamity from your flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 11:9, 10) How can you do that? Lay Clear Ground Rules for Behavior “With those consulting together there is wisdom.” (Proverbs ) Early in their relationship, prudent couples apply those words by agreeing on Scripturally appropriate expressions of affection and by being determined to stay within those limits.

To take liberties with each other or to be overconfident is like driving dangerously.

“The simple walk into it and pay the penalty.”(Proverbs 22:3, ) Couples can avoid much trouble by dating in the company of a wholesome group or a suitable chaperone.

The penalty for foolishness while dating may include a damaged conscience, lack of respect for yourself and the other person, and shame for all concerned, including family members.

Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” Yes, the commandments and principles set down in God’s inspired Word, the Holy Bible, are for benefit.

(2 Timothy , 17) They are evidence that our Creator really cares about us and wants us to be happy and successful in all aspects of life.Another way is by disregarding the wise advice of God-fearing parents.Such parents know that sexual feelings, especially during youth, can be like a powerful engine that has to be well controlled.So be shrewd; agree to apply Scriptural standards and stick to them!Make Jehovah the ‘Third Cord’ Marriage is like a threefold cord, with God as the primary strand. , Yes, real success in life, including success in courtship and marriage, comes when we do things Jehovah’s way.Hence, young people who ‘walk in godly wisdom’ take parental guidance seriously.