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The gay scene, though thriving, was again wrapped in a cloak of secrecy.

So, on the one hand there are still wild gay beach parties that fetch nice chunks of cash for swanky pubs as well as grungy beach shacks.

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They have these huge listings about what’s happening in town, including gay parties and get-togethers.

I look these sites up and get in touch with someone if I like,” he says. “Oh, they are mostly very private affairs, and like any other Indian gathering with lots to eat and drink. Yet the beaches and pubs that thrive on pink tourism mostly do so on the sly.

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But in spite of all this, he endures hushed-up commentary, smirks and snickering almost every day.

“See, there are these perfectly handsome, manly gay guys who have no problem at all. “When I used my mother’s fragrances, father would mock, say, ‘Be a man, use an aftershave for God’s sake!

And gays in Goa today are reluctant to talk openly about the beaches and pubs they frequent, for fear those places would meet the same fate as hotspots like Eden and Paradise.

“Eden was this beautiful place started by an English gay couple …

Then, there are those somewhere in the middle, who can manage to pass off as straight with some effort. ’” When Joe talks about his father, his otherwise polite voice takes on a tense, vehement edge.

And then, there are people like me: Completely effeminate. Joe says his father “just couldn’t stand me.” “He called me a purple pussycat. But he found refuge in the nurturing embrace of his mother, who died in 2009, and Joe softens up when he speaks of her. If they can’t accept you the way you are, it’s their fault, not yours.

I am 42, still not married, and always in the company of young good-looking men. ” Being gay in Goa is not a particularly easy thing for him or the other tens of thousands of homosexuals in the state.