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Karin Weber von Hartz was a part-time worker, who had worked for 15 years at Bilka-Kaufhaus.She was refused pension payments under her contract with her employer Bilka-Kaufhaus, which required her to have worked full time for 15 years. She claimed this was sex discrimination under the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (TEEC) article 119 (now TFEU art 157).Enjoy a nice cocktail while our stylist is getting you make-up-ready for the night.Or just take party pictures in front of our new photobox.I told myself everything you're telling yourself, well the fashion will be fun...there should be some funny stuff...might get to see a hot naked guy.

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The ECJ considered first whether pension payments were pay and held they were.

They then asked whether there was potentially indirect discrimination, held that there could be, but that it was up to the member state court to determine the facts.

They also said 81.3 per cent of all occupational pensions were paid to women, even though only 72% of employees were women, so the scheme was unrelated to sex discrimination.

Weber started proceedings are a German Labour Court (German: ), which decided to stay proceedings and ask for a preliminary ruling to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

She had ruptured an ovarian cyst which then led to her losing 40 per cent of all her blood.