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He or she will begin the courtship process by sending letters and love poems for a period of weeks and finally offer to fly to meet their victim.

Within hours of the expected arrival time, an emergency will strike: A work visa has expired, or their aunt/niece/child is sick and they need a few thousand dollars to be wired over so they can finally meet their intended.

Indiana students also have ROTC options available at the University of Southern Indiana, Vincennes University, De Pauw University and through Indiana State University.

They receive specialized instruction along with drills.

A summer camp available exclusively for boys at Howe Military School allows prospective students to see what military education entails before deciding to attend the school full-time.

Summer camps place an emphasis on fun, along with structure. It is really three smaller institutions on one campus.

All coursework and training is accomplished in a structured environment which helps them to prepare for future careers in the military.

Interesting programs available to students enrolled in the ROTC program include military justice, land navigation and first aid. ROTC completion is a source of pride for graduates that gives them a great sense of accomplishment.

There is Culver Summer Schools And Camps, Culver Military Academy For Boys and a Culver Girls Academy.

Together these three smaller schools form the larger entity known as Culver Academies.

Once students graduate, they have opportunities to become commissioned officers in the U.

It turns out that the crippling fear of an awkward first date is the least of your troubles.

Both have rich, storied histories dating back to the late 1800s, but they're not stuck in the past.