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Is your wife going to have an affair with one of her friends? Unfortunately, affairs almost always begin as innocent friendships.EDITOR' S NOTE: He Said-She Said is a biweekly advice column for singles featuring a question from a reader with responses from a male and female point of view.To be honest, I would want to just be your friend at first too!

We've seen numerous situations where a reliance on old friends hindered, significantly handicapped, and in some cases destroyed the marriage.

Another reason is that we live in a world of poor judgment and rationalized relationships that can easily lead to compromised values, and result in broken promises and emotional or physical affairs.

Then, as you spend time in groups, and perhaps even one-on-one as friends, ask those harder life questions and really get to know if this is the "one" God has for you.

Worst case, you start sending some signals that you want to date and they are not returned.

Before we were married, my wife had a lot of guy friends.

Now that we're married, she wants to keep her friends and sees no problem going out for lunch with them or meeting them for coffee to "catch up." I'm uncomfortable with this.

It is through friendships and group actives that we learn so much about another person.

We learn how they spend their money, how they treat their family, how consistent they are with attending church, studying God's word, and how they live their life.

Your most important human relationship is the one with your spouse.

It's especially critical in the early (and usually the most difficult) years of marriage that you invest as much time and attention as possible in cultivating that relationship.

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