Free webcam affairs

The app itself is more user-friendly than, for instance, Foscam’s companion app, as it allows you to update the software with a single tap.

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A speaker and mic are incorporated into the device for two-way audio and a micro SD card slot allows you to record up to 64GB of video without any need to sign up for a subscription-based cloud service.

And that’s just as well because there isn’t one, although Reolink tells us that its R&D team is working on a server for limited free and paid-for data storage.

The only problem we had during installation was getting the app to accept an Apple Mail email address for sending and accepting alerts.

In the end we gave up and used Gmail, which still took some time to configure.

Colours are rather muted and the picture is grainy in low light (and very grainy in the dark), but in all cases, faces were crisp enough to identify at some distance.

Filming in Full HD gives you quite impressive clarity although in practice, streaming 1080p over Wi-Fi and then via whatever phone network is available is going to be problematic.

For us, just getting 720p video to play on an i Phone 7, while outside our own Wi-Fi network, worked only about half of the time – and even then it was very jerky and frustratingly slow to load.

But that says more about the reality of video streaming than the Argus.

The field of view is 130-degrees wide to capture as much of the room as possible, while IR LEDs allow you to see up to 10 metres in the dark.

The inbuilt PIR detects motion and can send an alert to a companion app that runs on a mobile device (there’s no web portal) when someone, or something, steps in front of the camera.

Scan a couple of these, enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted, and you’re done.