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Pick Leonardo Dicaprio or Bradley Cooper movies to send flirting messages to your girlfriend. If you do, then here are some flirty texting games that you can play with her.

It is a classic game that you can try in text format.

And you don’t need any apps for this as you can play fun text games.The sexy texting games over SMS or Whats App give you a break from the everyday conversations.Try to make your questions interesting so that it doesn’t look like an interview.Ask her questions like what kind of pet she would like or how would she like to spend one million dollars, if she had.From animals to firecrackers and smileys, try to be innovative and flirt with your girlfriend.

You can make this texting game with the date more interesting by planning a date with if the other person guesses your text with emoji right. Then out of all the fun games, Personal Trivia, is another impressive game with which you can ask some personal questions to our partner.

Looking for some sexy texting games or flirting games to play with your girlfriend. With this game you just not share an intimate moment with your girlfriend but can also know the extent of naughtiness, she is up to.

So in this game, you start the conversation with a text saying “What if” and give her a situation and ask her what she would do in such a scenario.

The Stripping Over Text game is one of the most fun games where you can take it to an emotional level. And whoever gets the answer right is safe, while the one who gets a wrong answer will have to strip, remove a piece of their clothes.

According to the rules of the game, you ask each other some questions. The game can start with some flirting texts leading to a wild and passionate time.

You can pick up any three people and ask your girlfriend whom would she like to kill, kiss or marry.