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But not all journeys are being automatically refunded as Tf L only knows a contactless card payment was accidental in the case of incomplete journeys, where the card has only been used to pay at the start of the journey.In an unknown quantity of trips in which a contactless card overrides an Oyster card when touching out, as well as touching in, the fare is being be charged to the contactless card.

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Some 23.8 million contactless transactions were made in October, 7pc more than in September, according to the UK Cards Association Check your bank statement regularly The value of the average contactless card transaction is relatively small at £6.65, meaning they are easy to miss on bank statements.Regularly checking your statements is a good idea if you have a contactless card as the sooner you spot a double payment, the easier it will be to rectify.On contactless this would only cost £29.40 for a whole week, thanks to a weekly cap, meaning savings of £107.80 over Oyster if they were to hit the daily cap for a whole week."A zones 1-6 commuter who hits the peak-time daily cap would save £53.40 per week by switching from Oyster to contactless.” Tf L said it would introduce weekly capping on Oyster to level the playing field once it had developed the technology to allow it.Be Naughty has been a leader in the sex app space for years for many reasons.

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Consider buying a protective case If you’re worried about accidental contactless card payments, you can buy a case that effectively disables the card until you remove it.

A firm called RFID sells protective sleeves for £2.50; you can also find them on Amazon.

Customers are also able to contact us on 03 or can go online to get a refund.” Passengers who use Oyster on a "pay as you go" (PAYG) basis rather than as a season ticket are paying up to £107 more per week than people using a contactless card, according to claims by Labour politicians in the London Assembly.

A spokesman for the group said: “Peak-time commuters who hit the daily cap travelling between zones 4 and 7 for example would pay £19.60 a day using Oyster.

These cards do not need to be inserted into a chip and Pin device and there is no need to enter your personal number – you just wave your card at the machine and payment is deducted.