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And it was amazing to see the number of persons who had a totally wrong conception of what the morning after pill was or is.

We have a lot of questions about genital health like what’s normal, what’s not normal. A lot of queries also come about relationships, family relationships mostly about parents.

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So we decided to set up a system where they can still access information even when the traditional clinics are closed and the libraries are closed, they can still have access to some sexual & reproductive health information.” To access Chit Chat, users text a short code to subscribe.

They then become subscribed to weekly information about what they call “sex and stuff”.

Melanie Montero “It’s not a medical advice helpline; when you sign on you have the option where you can subscribe to the service to receive weekly tips.

So it gives out like safer sex tips and just information about sexual reproductive health we think are noteworthy that young people or the general public should know.

Of course, that is not what you see today because this Flashback takes us back in the 1980s with sandy streets and patches of grass with paths cut through empty lots at the corners.

Surprisingly we do not see a full clothesline or a dog lying on the cool sand.

Like what should I do, my parent doesn’t like my girlfriend or my parent doesn’t want me dating, but I have a boyfriend.

Things like that and kids troubling with issues.”“Nobody else was doing it; 911 doesn’t work like that and earlier in the introduction of the service, we did several focus groups countrywide with young people and adults and for some reason the texting service seemed very attractive…more than the voice service.

Melanie Montero “It has been responding quite well to a lot of the gaps that we have in the health system in terms of accessing information and knowledge about specific services.

For example we did some extensive education on the morning after pill.

Chit Chat – a program executed by Belize Family Life Association since 2013.