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Their product bears no resemblance to a typical NBC News broadcast.Lest there be a moment for viewers to consider skipping ahead or quitting, producers frequently cut the screen in half and stuff it with footage and text.

(Schwartz would even find himself knee-deep in water a few weeks later, covering the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma alongside his broadcast and cable news counterparts.) But Snapchat takes only original content.Executives at the messaging app are also decidedly picky about who gets real estate in its high-traffic Discover section, which TV networks share with publishers including Buzz Feed, Mashable, GQ and Cosmopolitan.If it's ultimately to Snapchat's benefit that its content keeps users coming back, Bell argues that Snapchat can recapture TV viewers for the networks as well, calling the platform "where you fall in love." Under this theory, your mobile phone becomes the first place you encounter programming from NBC News, A&E, Viceland and the other TV programmers making Snapchat Shows.And when you get home, you turn on a big-screen, surround-sound version.He speaks to a TV camera turned on its side, to match Snapchat's vertical format.

"Stay Tuned" is a 24/7 operation, with 30 people working full time to crank out two hyperactive videos on weekdays and an episode a day on weekends.It's TV's chance to show everyone what successful transformation looks like. "This is much tougher than just shooting and uploading," says Tom Fishman, senior VP for audience growth and engagement at MTV Digital, which produced new versions of the former MTV series "Cribs" and "Girl Code" for Snapchat this summer.That's partly because Snapchat heavily involves itself, giving copious notes on what its users like and what they tap the screen to skip.So, one year into its first partnerships with TV networks to produce made-for-Snapchat content, it is forcing traditional programmers to rethink mobile video.TV executives have to try something, and with feeling.They begin taping the first high-octane episode at a.m., post it at 7 a.m.—and start the next one at noon, to go up at 4 p.m.