Forefront not updating from wsus

SCCM pending notification about reboot, appear always when i trying to login to this system. Thanks Reboot Coordinator.log: I'm trying to run a software compliance report for a collection of about 100 servers.

forefront not updating from wsus-31

Use this forum for questions on the new System Center 2012 Configuration Manager product technology. SMS_WSUS_CONFIGURATION_MANAGER 6/18/2014 PM 4452 (0x1164) If a machine downloads and installs the updates and sends the scan result back to the server to be shown as compliant.Post questions here that are appropriate for Endpoint Protection, software updates management, and compliance settings in Configuration Manager 2012. In case that machine goes inactive due to some reasons, will it be shown non-compliant ? Would the server scan the machines again once they have been marked compliant and could move them to unknown when it is unable to find any response due to machines being inactive ?= In addition, a simple Commit would endanger the clients persistence. Do it with a task sequence: For example: Reboot all devices in a collection to make sure no unwanted changes are commited a) TS: Commit And Disable -live b) TS: Install all available software updates c) TS: Enable EWF and reboot = I am seeing something odd with one of my RBA settings.Keep in mind I am seeing this as a 'Full Administrator'.can any one suggest me which is the best automated way? Thanks in Advance Hi, How do you configure SCCM to allow the Windows updates to be installed through 'Windows Update' in the control Panel.

At the moment if a user wants to install Updates before the deadline then can only do it either by selecting the updates and installing them through Software center or by selecting the "install and Reboot now" option that comes up in the Notification window.Investigation in the Windows shows "WARNING: Failed to get WU Exemption info from NLM, assuming not exempt error = 0x80240037". Regards, KL Hello, I do want to enable SCEP definition updates for small group of clients in DMZ (apprx 30 -40) I have created a separate AD OU and SCCM collection for such computers.Latest updates are downloaded, synchronized and deployed via SUP but the clients are not receiving the updates. Google shows me different ways like using Definition Update Automation Tool, WSUS, scripts, shares etc, and I am quite confused for which way to adopt.Before posting, please search for your answer in these forums and the Tech Net documentation. Create Update Server(Object[] args)~~ at Microsoft. I know, that this question, maybe, have been asked many times before.In the deployment status section of SCCM 2012 we have 6 of the 10 servers listed in the In-Progress tab which are Non-compliant. Verified that the boundaries are set up correctly and check relevant logs and no software updates are being pushed out to the servers almost an hour into the maintenance window. I put together a Software Update group for SQL Server 2012. SCCM tells me that the "compliant" number is 38 and lists those 38 computers when I run a compliance report. But, i read a tons of forums and articles about this, and did't find the answer.However these 16 machines decided that the updates couldn't be installed outside of a maintenance window. We wanted to replicate the same setup just to try and keep things simple for our operations team, so we created an ADR with an availability and a deadline set to ASAP. So what I am expecting to happen is the following: everyday, my ADR runs checking for updates.