Find a ballroom dancer dating

One lesson is with discounts for buying more than one!Call 801-466-0490 to schedule a private lesson or Book a Lesson Here Looking to get your dancing feet a little wet before taking the plunge?

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But instead I am asked to reconnect with life, to stay soft when it would be easier to remain hardened. I don’t know how this happens but I am hopeful it can happen.And so I try be hopeful that sweetness will come to my life again. It builds upon one glance, one date, one touch, at a time; until I love again.Our Friday Date Night Couple Class at 7PM lets you do just that!This class is open to complete beginners, so it is perfect for anyone looking for a fun date night activity.The one-on-one instruction also offers a more intimate setting that is perfect for any date night.

Please note that lessons are 50 minutes and are booked on the hour.

For those who want to learn in a group setting, we offer 24 group classes a week.

For those who are dancing to meet people, we offer student mixers, studio parties, dance socials, and a great community to be in.

Enjoy those beautiful blue skies because it’s time to fly! I know it is not always easy, but it can always be well worth the effort.

An easy no pressure Valentine’s Day for me this year! I know my sacrifice for Kathy has given me feelings of no ordinary measure, but our mutual sacrifice is what truly made our marriage sweet.

Congratulations on taking the first step into exciting world of dance!