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The Millennium Falcon doesn't have windshield wipers.

The Enterprise's huge display screen doesn't get fogged up because they flew through a space cloud. " But, guess what: Scientists have found a big-ass pool of water just floating out there in the cosmos.

We're talking 100,000 times larger than the sun big.

This is a vapor cloud so large it holds 140 trillion times more water than all of our oceans.

But scientists have studied almost 700 real planets outside the solar system, and some of them are downright gaudy. Planet Fancy isn't having any of that rocky gassy stuff.

Because it's straight up made of diamond: The universe's biggest showoff actually used to be a star, and sometimes the debris that's left over after the star dies starts a second career as a planet.

In this case, Blingworld started off life as one of two parts of a binary star. What was left behind was a pulsating star, or pulsar, and a white dwarf.

The dwarf stabilized just far enough away from its former brother to lose matter to the bully but to keep its carbon core.But in this particular spot in space, the conditions were just right for the entire interior of that former star to harden, crystallize and turn into a planet-sized gem.Damn it, mankind's single goal should now be to assemble a mission to tow this bastard back to Earth.If you saw that in a sci-fi movie (with the pilot all "Damn, I can't see due to all of this space rain! This massive reservoir of floating space water vapor is in fact the biggest collection of water in the universe that we know of.And when we say "big" we're not talking Pacific Ocean big.On the scary side these also cause earthquakes and volcanoes.