Fake internet dating sites

Ask more questions, and if you don’t like the answers, report the profile to the dating site, and immediately cut off communication with him.

That widowed Ukrainian engineer you just met on your favorite dating website? Scam dating profiles are more likely to say they are Catholic; from Nigeria, the Ukraine or the Philippines; widowed and have a doctoral degree—among other characteristics, according to new data compiled by the dating website Seeking

Consider it a flapping red flag if the pictures look too good and are all clearly professionally done. Crew ad, then he probably is, and the photo was stolen for a fake profile, she said.

“Sure there are good looking women and men, but if all of the pictures look like he's a cologne model or she's a Victoria Secret model, this a person who could be catfishing and pulling those pictures from online,” Safran said.

In a nutshell, “those who exaggerate, post old photos, stretch or construct the truth can look great on paper, but inconsistencies usually show quickly.

They don’t have new photos to share or others besides the headshot. They may be reluctant to meet and always have a conflict when it is brought up.

Also be wary if it’s a new website because those have a better chance of creating fake profiles to attract new clients.

“Unfortunately no one wants a dating site that comes across as ‘too new’ and not populated enough, so companies do create profiles that attract people to start using their site,” Safran warned.

Believe it or not, another common red flag is if someone say they are a widower with no children, or adult children.

Apparently scammers think is more appealing to women than a divorced man might be, or a never-married single man in his 40’s.

An early warning sign is when they want to immediately go to text or email, instead of talking through the online dating site.

This happens because they know that they’ll quickly be reported by someone on the site, and their profile removed, and they want to try to hook you into an offline conversation before that occurs.

"After coming on very strong and professing their love and adoration for a few weeks or a month, they begin the next phase.