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In relationships, you may tell too much about yourself (too early), feel dependent on others for emotional well-being and get too close too fast.

As we shake off the holidays and prepare for 2013, we can jump-start our New Year’s resolutions by building lasting relationships.Often people find themselves moving too quickly or too slowly when dating, and they don’t know how to develop a healthy pace for their relationship.You may feel nothing can go in or come out (especially emotions).Many people in this category can feel isolated and use a wall when they sense another’s need to be close.In interpersonal relationships, it’s what separates one individual from another.

There are four aspects of boundaries: An individual’s boundaries can vary depending upon the type of relationship, situation or recent stressors one has experienced.

Overall, you’re described as being empathetic toward others.

You may not like being alone and touch others without asking and/or allow others to touch you even if it’s uncomfortable.

This information can be helpful in understanding how you interact in relationships, help you pinpoint problem areas you’d like to work on or understand a “boundary type” of person you attract.

Of note, many cultures have norms for boundaries that are healthy and comfortable within one’s culture, but once applied to another culture, they can be difficult to understand and navigate.

You may appear stone-faced, have a stiff posture, are stoic and appear/feel uncomfortable when being touched.