Double standards in dating practices

Calculating when and what to text a girl, and hiding how you really feel just to keep her around seems like a recipe for long-term disaster.

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It may just take time and the right circumstances for people to open up to one another.

For the rest of us guys, who are still drifting aimlessly from one girls’ bedroom to the next in a post-coital search for something real, it’s certainly nice to think so.

But for guys that rightfully aren’t prepared to employ strategies of psychological warfare on the girls they are interested in, this is a serious problem.

It leaves the modern-day romantic with almost no options for success in the dating scene. Maybe it has its place and arises all on its own when a guy meets a girl who truly is his match.

In some ways, wearing your heart on your sleeve as a man is perceived as desperate.

In the same way that society has historically shamed women for liking sex while rewarding men for it (high-five bro!Every pick-up artist website or self-proclaimed dating guru will tell you that the era of real romance is dead, and that you have to learn “the game.” The saddest part about this is not the fact that most of these guys keep a running tally of how many people they’ve slept with but rather that, in some small way, they are right.A lot of pick up artists are manipulative and egotistical, but they do know how to keep someone interested in them.Giacomo Casanova, from whom we get this label, was a real man who lived in Venice in the 18th century with his own set of rules and strategies for successful seduction.He was a pioneer of grand romantic gestures, no matter how elaborate they seemed.So does that mean that strategically not returning texts or acting like you’re emotionally unavailable will create this value?