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So while we mourn the person she once was and start betting on whether she will outlive Lindsay Lohan, let’s take a second to remember all the joy Amanda brought us: 1. As Ashley in the the aforementioned skit, Amanda taught us that it is perfectly acceptable to mock our friends mercilessly when they come to us with stupid questions. The Amanda Show Arguably the best sketch on the Amanda Show, “The Girl’s Room” introduced us to one of the most complex and fascinating characters on all of television: Debby. She’s the Man Amanda Bynes’s breakthrough movie role was in the hit film, “She’s the Man”, in which she played a girl who switches places with her brother so that she can play soccer. Easy A In what could possibly have been her last role, Amanda Bynes played Marianne, a crazy Christian hell-bent on destroying the proclaimed harlot, Olive (played by Emma Stone). Thanks to her, we all learned how to be better people, through the faults of others. The show also taught me that assault is funny, but only if it involves hillbillies. This movie has everything you could ever want: crossdressing, homoeroticism, a shirtless Channing Tatum and Eunice, the best lab partner you’ve ever had. While Amanda’s face may look like it was stung by one thousand jellyfish, she tried her best to bring the crazy in this role. And let’s not get it twisted- she showed us the inner workings of the girl world with her “Girl’s Room” sketch before Mean Girls ever did. Unfortunately, it seems she has decided to take her life in a different direction.To Amanda, it appears that “What A Girl Wants” is to have her lady parts murdered by the rapper Drake.but now it’s been said she still has her Publicist!

Sources has corrected the reports saying that her Publicist had ditched her but they did say that they do not do a very good job.

Amanda was spotted being shielded by a blanket as she was taken from a psychiatric facility in Ventura County to Brentwood.

Sources have revealed that her mom, who is now a temporary conservator, wanted Amanda moved because UCLA has one of the best mental treatment facilities in the nation!

Amanda’s manager Dave Feldman did not leave Bynes she fired him!!

: Yes I’m the cycling instructor that kicked Amanda Bynes out my class Tues Night!

Maybe the transfer to a new center can finally heal this mentally troubled starlet.