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Updating individual fields is good, but that is probably not how you want to maintain your forecasts.

The Excel add-in has a feature in the field explorer that allows you to create Matrix Fields that will summarize data for you and allow you to update more than one record at once.

The article is entitled “Optimal dynamic order scheduling under capacity constraints given demand-forecast evolution”.

Isik Biçer have published a new article in Production and Operations Management, which is one of the Financial Times Top 50 Journals.

You can use this to give users a simpler way to manipulate the information in the database.

As an example, you can use this to create a better way to update demand forecasts, since the default maintenance forms within Dynamics AX.

We first derive expressions for the optimal base stock levels for a single-product model.

We find that manufacturers located near their market bases can realize most of their potential profits (i.e., profit made when the capacity is unlimited) by building a very limited amount of capacity.In this example we will show how you can create Matrix Fields that allow you to update the data by period.To create a period total matrix fields, follow these steps: Now return to the summary worksheets that were created in the previous step, and add all 12 of the new period Matrix Fields to the worksheets.Using a two-product model, we show that the manufacturer should utilize its capacity more in earlier periods when the demand for both products is more positively correlated. Dynamics AX has an add-on for Microsoft Excel that allows you to retrieve data from Dynamics AX, and also publish changes back to the database in a controlled way.We develop a dynamic optimization model to analyze the optimal production schedules under capacity constraint and demand-forecast updating.