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So here’s why you should never, ever, date a married man…if he has great hair, calls you honey bunny, and looks amazing in a uniform.So, if you’re dating a married man, quickly re-think your relationship with him, and move on to someone new and preferably not married.That moment when you realize that Barney Stinson was probably not as much of a jerk or a womanizer as he was portrayed to be, but that the story was narrated by future Ted, trying to get his children to approve of him dating Robin again, so future Ted had to make the man Robin married look like the bad guy in the story.

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Please don’t contact me again….unless in real life you really do look and sound like Hugh Grant.Love, Dean Dear Guy with no Photo who can’t speak English well, Although I appreciate that you added me to your favorites list and “sended me many massages”, you have no online photo and you do not speak English well.And I understand that you have no interest in dating me but would rather share with me a, “robust, no-holds-barred pen pal relationship”. I don’t want to date you and I would now like to report you to the police. Love, Dean Dear Guy who used a photo of Hugh Grant as your profile picture, Something tells me that you are not really Hugh Grant’s identical twin.Although I do find you VERY attractive in “your” photo, I am guessing that in real life you are probably some personal identify thief and this scares me greatly.I now think that you are a freak and I don’t ever want to date you. I think that you should ask some other girl to be your pen pal.

Love, Dean Dear Guy who uses especially big words and who wants to be my pen pal, I appreciate that you think that you and I “might be able to shed light upon the other’s dating perspective, for the purposes of personal edification”. Love, Dean Dear Masturbator, I think it’s gross that you just masturbated to one of my online profile photos.

And this got me to thinking, if I was stupid enough to get involved with a married man, then there must be other girls out there who have fallen into a similar trap.

I learned the hard way that dating a married man can only lead to unhappiness in your future.

Some of these emails are fairly normal; some are even witty.

But I am sad to report that most of the emails and messages that I receive are quite frightening.

I can pretty much guarantee you that in no time your married boyfriend will be getting back together with his wife and she’ll be the one running her fingers through his amazing head of hair.