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Rufz XP - Rufz XP is an excellent training software for improving code speed and CW practice, particularly (ultra) high speed memory copying of true amateur radio calls. Ham Cap 1.5 - An essential piece of software for your shack.This software calculates and displays real-time propagation predictions based on your location.

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Amateur Radio Education Website - Home to Ham and Morse Academy you'll find plenty of resources to help you improve your CW and prepare for that ticket upgrade. Also offers satellite images of the selected location.

K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch - Not really a CW related link, this page allows you to specify which frequencies (2m and above) to search on inorder to discover what repeaters are covering which areas of the country.

To create mp3 practice files to take with you, you'll need the file found here.

AC6V's Morse Code Trainers - Looking for a program/method for learning the code or improving your sending/copy?

Browse our collection of available keys in the SKCC Key Library. A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine - First described in a May 1977 QST article of the same name, this program teaches you to receive Morse code.

It starts with a few letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts, by WB8FSV - Jack Wagoner's extensive guide detailing every aspect of making, logging and enjoying that first CW contact. Just Learn Morse Code - Just Learn Morse Code is designed to make it easy to learn Morse code, as well as improve the skills of those who already know the code.The software is easy to use and has a nice map presentation.You'll also need this ITS software to complete the installation.Telegraph History - This site contains several articles that focus on U. The Coast Guard CW Operators Association - The CGCWOA is a membership organization comprised primarily of former members of the United States Coast Guard who held the enlisted rating of Radioman or Telecommunications Specialist, and who used International Morse Code (CW) in their routine communications duties on Coast Guard cutters and at shore stations. The majority of these articles first appeared in the "Key and Telegraph" column of "The AWA Journal," the quarterly magazine of the Antique Wireless Association.This link will download the zip file for you to use to create a CD for loading the software on your computer.