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Though many choose to go down the aisle, it is more for the aesthetic and symbolic religious or legal reasons.

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Thus armed with this information, the mother, sisters and the aunties will begin the search in earnest.

Not ironically, it will be at other weddings where they will find the girls.

The Model Proposal In Libya, the young male is incumbent and “ready for marriage” after he’s finished with university education or vocational training and has a stable job or source of income.

It is time and unless he’s already got his eyes and heart set on a girl from work or college, he will turn to his female relatives to ask for advice and their choice of girls who are suited for a marriage proposal.

This man was of a suitable age for her, comes from a respected family background, is friendly, honest and with a warm personality.

He was truly willing to meet and marry the right girl.When they met, respect, affection and love were planted and within days, they announced their engagement. I never thought my sister would return to Libya to set up her own home or that we would all have to go back to meet a future brother-in-law.The greatest surprise of all was that my sister, with my mother’s encouragement and incredible excitement - that at last one of her two very stubborn daughters was finally getting hitched in the way she had hoped for and prayed for years - agreed to have the whole shebang of a big traditional Tripolitanian wedding - beginning with the model proposal.Every Libyan girl is also aware that if she wants to be considered, that she’ll have to attend these parties to be seen and discovered.If word is out that a particular eligible young man from a respectable family is looking, the competition, to say the least, can be fierce as the girls and their mothers will do their utmost to be in the running.So if anything was to happen, my sister would have to relocate to be with him.