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On the other hand, it can be said that there’s a certain drive that pushes you if you are a “have not” and some people just lack it.So it’s more of trying to figure out the point where drive/ambition meets opportunity.

Having a safe community where women can share their stories as well as resources is essential but even more so when you are in a destructive marriage.

I just finished taping, with Michele Borquez Thornton, a DVD series for divorced women who need to heal and want to grow and build healthy relationships.

What I had hoped for upon my return was a sincere apology and a renewed sense of wanting to do the right thing for our family.

What I got was anger thrown at me A week later, I asked him to move out for a separation. I was still hoping that he could be rattled, that the Lord was trying to get through to him through these steps I was taking. I know that this isn’t ALL his fault, but at a certain point it does feel like the problems of abuse and self-centeredness need to be broken before any of the other issues can be addressed. I know you can’t tell me whether or not you think I should divorce from reading these few paragraphs, but I am wondering if you can speak more to the NPD factor and how long you think it takes for safety to return (referring to your series on “Can This Marriage Be Saved”).

Or do you agree with Yaz who says that the only thing a guy should be “prospecting” at 35 is an oil well.

We all know we can’t “publicly” declare that it’s about money, so can we analyze these “prospects” we so easily like to throw about?At this age you’re still listening to these kinds of stupid lyrics? ” I couldn’t stop laughing because she was emphasizing on the age.Yaz and I always crack jokes about being senior spinsters and we keep saying we’ll start a support group for “young’ns”.She says it’s not about having a Range Rover or flashy things…in fact, she will “jump Okada” and “chop for Buka” as long as it’s her boo.We have been married almost 7 years and have a beautiful 2 year old son.