Dating prs serial number

This system was used for the guitars distributed by L. In the late '70s as production grew, the serial numbers begin to get ahead of themselves since only 1000 numbers were available in a series. Rich in 1974, a system of serial number coding began using a 5-digit code (XXYYY) with the first 2 digits indicating the year and the last 3 indicating the production number.

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Fender moved production of some Fender-branded instruments from Korea to Indonesia in 2008.

The serial numbering scheme for these instruments initially used the letters “IC” as a prefix indicating that they were made in Indonesia at the Cort factory.

The USA bolt on guitars never followed the same serial number sequence as the neck thru models, which were numbered using the (YYXXX) format with the first two digits being the year, and the last three digits being the production number.

Also, keep in mind on the 2 3 (five digit) serial numbers, they got out of sequence in the early to mid 80's.

Given there's no vintage angle, what can a "conventional" electric guitar do (playability and sound) to justify a ,000 price tag? I'm hearing of quite a few semi-pro players shelling out good bucks for PRS. Smith (PCGS) I have owned two PRS's, both CE-24 Maple tops, and I can tell you that the pre '95 legend is REAL! There are normally one at every other fret, except at the twelfth fret where there are two.

Maybe I should simply shut up and play one and form my own opinion. When mine was assembled, the luthier accidentaly put one dot on edge of the 12 fret, then removed it and filled it with black, and then put two like normal.If I don't like it, I'm sure I can sell it and make money off of it. Les Pauls and most Gibsons have that thick, soulful tone. Given that they look simply beautiful (which in my view is a secondary factor), what is it about them that justifies the price? The whole thing just feels more finely carved, whereas the '98 felt thick and clunky.H2H H2H It would be interesting to have your comparison of LP vs Parker vs PRS. I forked over good bucks for my existing guitars, but the prices of the PRS's are astronomical! The alder body has a tone that is absolutely indescribable! I'm sure this is the due to the implementation of CNC machines in '95.Originally published on uk Mon March 13, 2006 Dating B. Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although slightly imprecise by the 1980's. These consecutive numbers ran up to between 340 and 360. Throughout the '70s, production numbers were low enough that the serial numbers pretty much reflect the year of manufacture. Rich guitar was stamped 'Proto', and subsequent guitars were consecutively numbered beginning 001, 002, 003, etc. That would make the first guitar of 1974 to have been numbered 74000, followed by 74001, 74002, 74003, etc. BTW- This was the first guitar I have ever bought that I didn't play first, so I'm crossing my fingers!