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: The Mystery of Arundhati’ in 2011, his second book, ‘The Historic Rama – Indian Civilization at the end of Pleistocene’ in 2014 and is in the process of completing his third book, ‘Bhishma Nirvana’.Nilesh is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Indic Studies, Institute of Advanced Science, Darthmouth, MA, USA.

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After a few hippie years, he studied at the KU Leuven, obtaining MA degrees in Sinology, Indology and Philosophy.

After a research stay at Benares Hindu University, he did original fieldwork for a doctorate on Hindu nationalism, which he obtained magna cum laude in 1998.

The disagreement is even starker in the case of Ramayana as Nilesh places it way back in antiquity in the 14th millennium BC, more than 10,000 years apart from the mainstream consensus.

In this debate, held in the winter of 2016 in New Delhi, Dr.

Regarding religion, he combines human sympathy with substantive skepticism.

Nilesh holds BS & MS in Chemical Engineering and Executive MBA.The dating of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan is a puzzle that refuses to yield a simple answer.Conferences after conferences have been held in India and abroad for historians to arrive at a consensus, which has remained elusive so far.Others, like Narahari Achar with more 'traditionalist' leanings, place it near 3000 BC or thereabout.However, Neelesh Oak's analysis of the astronomical information available in the text, corroborated by geological, seismic and climatic data that has now emerged, pushes the date further back to the sixth millennium BC, a good four thousand years ahead of the mainstream academic consensus.The kingdom of Hastinapur, after Chemak, was constantly ruled by the people who took over the throne.