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All classes and categories of prisoners were herded indiscriminately together : men and women, tried and untried, upright but misguided zealots with hardened habitual offenders.The only principle of classification was a prisoner's ability or otherwise to pay certain fees ; money could purchase the squalid comfort of the masters side, but no immunity from the baleful companionship of felons equally well furnished with funds and no less anxious to escape the awful horrors of the common side of the gaol.

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Hundreds of thousands of " felons and trespassers " have from first to last been incarcerated within. Imprisonment was often lightly and capriciously inflicted in days before our liberties were fully won, and innumerable victims of tyranny and oppression have been lodged in Newgate. The gaol was the halfway-house to the scaffold or the gallows for turbulent or short- sighted persons who espoused the losing side ; it waa the starting-place for that painful pilgrimage to the pillory or whipping-poat which was too frequently the punishment for rashly uttered libels and philippics against constituted power.

To many it must have been an abode of sorrow, suffering, and unspeakable w r oe, a kind of terrestrial inferno, to enter which was to abandon every hope. Newgate, again, was on the high road to Smitbfield ; in times of intolerance and fierce religions dissensions numbers of devoted martyrs went thence to suffer for conscience' sake at the stake.

Reference is constantly made to it in the history of the times.

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