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Classical buffs are perceived as quiet, friendly, responsible and intelligent but also unathletic, physically unattractive and dull.

Launching this week, London based Dating App Cli KD has released a new feature to help music lovers find and date based on musical taste. It has reached 10k downloads and been used over 100k times in the first 8 weeks of launch.

Using this exciting new feature the app seeks to help them find others who share their musical passion. Press release attached, CEO & founder available for interview and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Prelinks then generates potential matches based on this information, selecting other members from its user base who are also attending the same events.

Then, using a Tinder-style swiping method, singles can choose to accept or decline each suggestion based on their level of interest, swiping right to like, and left to reject the profile.Perusing a person’s i Pod playlist can “reinforce stereotypes and, potentially, social prejudices”, said Dr Jason Rentfrow, who led the research at the university’s Department of Social and Developmental Psychology.Jazz fans elicited the most positive response as they were considered to be imaginative, peace-loving liberals with friendly and outgoing natures.Easy peasy.” Although the app is positioning itself as a convenient and easy way to connect through a shared interest in music events, it is also possible that some individuals would raise concerns over the safety of the app, and whether the connections facilitated on the app could put users at a greater risk.For example, given the nature of festival culture, particular worries could be raised in relation to issues like sexual health and user safety – both of which continue to be areas of concern with the dating industry.We are the leading music dating site, helping thousands of music loving singles find their true love.