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You have tried wrapping your head around his syllabus but in vain, since that was more than likely engineered by Satan! Your patience level is on an all-time high as you can never rush him into doing anything when he’s “working on something important”! ” And you can’t even be mad at him coz you have no clue what Thermodynamics is! His parents constantly remind you about the fact that their son is an engineer! If yes, subscribe to our newsletter today to get your share of fun and LOLs mailed to your inbox every day!Image source: theodysseyonline And your parents too. Amidst all this chaos, he is also preparing for CAT, because what’s an engineering degree without an MBA to go with it! All those broken gadgets in your home will get fixed — and possibly improved.

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Another graduate engineer at work recently got married and brought his young wife out to the little mining town we lived in.

She found it really difficult to adjust to a new home and was always frustrated that her new husband consistently was at the plant late into the night.

They are genuine without being simple and smart without being arrogant.

What they will never be is the social butterfly that you want them to be.

You can joke about friction and gravitational attraction.

Engineers are prepared to “do it right the first time.” 11.

If they are anything like my ex, they will be reserved and even shy in social situations.

They feel most comfortable around family and familiar friends, and will sometimes even close down if forced to make conversation with someone new.

They tend to get on quite well once mildly inebriated.

An engineer’s home is his safe place and they spend a lot of time making it just right and comfortable for their needs.

I have NEVER seen straight men take so much care and pride in their homes.