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To witness the beauty of the Bible, one does not need to visit the Library’s Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room, where the volumes are housed.

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He was also a major patron in the founding of churches and monasteries. Nekcsei derives from the place name Nekcse (now Našice, Croatia), where Charles Robert granted the family the right to build a castle in 1312.From that time onward, the family began using Nekcsei, “from Nekcse,” as a family name.The Library of Congress possesses more than 1,500 editions of the Bible in over 150 languages.The most famous item in this collection is the 15th-century Gutenberg Bible, on permanent display in the Library’s Great Hall.It is not known what the Library paid for the volumes, but one estimate is approximately £200, or about ,000 in today’s dollars.

Most scholars agree that the Bible is of Hungarian origin, most likely the product of a workshop in Esztergom, which in earlier years had served as the capital of Hungary, but was still a religious and cultural center in the 14th century.

An earlier study, with only one color illustration, but many in black-and-white, is “The Nekcsei-Lipócz Bible. Issued by the Library of Congress in 1949, this volume is a study of the Bible and a collection of related manuscripts produced by the same artists.

A Fourteenth Century Manuscript from Hungary in the Library of Congress, Ms. These two books can be found in academic libraries across the United States.

Also on display is the Giant Bible of Mainz, likewise dating to the 15th century, but one crafted completely by hand.

Older, but lesser known, is the Nekcsei-Lipócz Bible, created in the Kingdom of Hungary in the 14th century.

Instead of being treated with the courtesy due a diplomat, Zuleman was taken into captivity for several years; this document briefly describes the indignities he claimed to have suffered.