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And if I'm in a better mood, I will probably start giving to charity or some shit. Apparently, you never know when you might get a blood stain.

Once you find the email, drag it into your primary inbox, if you have one, so that way you won’t miss the one idea that could change everything. If you’re wondering whether creativity is a waste of time; if you’re convinced that “your product / service / website will speak for itself,” then think twice: Because creativity, as it’s usually defined, is […] So, remember the last post, when I went on a lengthy spiel about fallen fathers and rainbow sprinkles and the reason why it’s madly, wildly essential to have a specific target audience in mind, so you can understand how to best market yourself (read: connect) to that target audience?

(And experience all sorts of juicy […] I’m a very dirty writer.

And the acknowledgment that this is a date and not some lame attempt at “friends with benefits,” which I will never, ever do, cross my heart and hope to die.

And if I feel less like a whore, then I will be in a better mood.

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Anyway, the other day there was a guy, and I may or may not have been kissing said guy. I promise your business will improve because of it. Because while I might not be happy about the “hang out date,” at least I'll have a better shot at understanding it.

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You got thisclose to accepting a contract, but you didn't. What expectations did you have, that your prospective client might not have met?