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When a rifle was returned to Remington for a repair, the factory would stamp a repair code.

These codes read the same as the date code, but were followed by a “3”.

Ray brought part of the display that will be used to represent OGCA at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits this May.

Collecting lever action Winchester rifles began in 1978, when after selling my microscope from medical school, I bought a Model 1873.

I had always enjoyed reading about firearms and their uses especially during the Westward Expansion, so the Winchester Model 1873 which is commonly called the gun that won the west was a natural for my first Winchester.

It is not uncommon to find the “3” stamped backwards.

For those rifles manufactured prior to 1921, rifles not found with a date code, or rifles found with ONLY a repair code, these will be dated best by using the serial number list at the bottom of the page.

The author enjoys traveling with his wife and three sons.

He is a Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist in Salina, Kansas. House for being our featured exhibitor this past January.

Prices realized for Mode 1873s vary widely based on rarity and condition.

Guns will sell from 0 for well-used specimens to over 0,000 for special order deluxe guns in excellent condition such as 1 of 1000s.

The Model 1873 was the first reliable center fire rifle. F.) was more powerful than the rim fire 66 cartridge and was also reloadable. Sporting rifles had 24-inch barrels in round or octagon styles. Muskets had 30 inch round barrels and were fitted for bayonets.

The iron and latter steel frame was stronger and lighter that the brass 1866. During manufacture of the 1873 there were three styles.

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