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People who are ensconced in the process of grieving often say they feel like they’re alone, like they’re going crazy, like the rest of the world is buzzing around them while they’re trapped in a bubble, and like they’ve lost themselves and wonder when they’ll be “normal” again.

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The children of a widower might not be ready for him to date at the same time that he believes he is ready.Although they might be angry with you or jealous that their father is spending time with someone other than their mother, remember that the children could still be grieving the loss of their parent.Without being insensitive to his children, the widower should be willing to defend your relationship to his family.A widower will often recall and discuss memories of his wife.A widower should be the one to plan the first few dates because it will show that he has worked through his grief and is ready to direct his feelings towards someone new.

In an effort to ignore their grief, heal quicker or prevent loneliness, a widower will often jump into a new relationship before he is ready.

The solution to handling any unusual behavior is to be patient and give him time to overcome the guilt and get back into the swing of being with someone new.

It is also best to keep things casual at first to help a widower feel more at ease.

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If two people believe in their relationship AND feel that they can get their needs for connection met AND there is patience available in the partnership, the outcome is usually positive. Permission to publish granted by Amy Winchester, MA, LPC, therapist in Boulder, Colorado The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.