Dating a female med student

You cannot possibly date a medical student if you don’t have enormous amounts of patience and tons of good and fun hobbies to keep you entertained wile your future doctor of a lady love is busy with her med-school life.

And I tell you honestly, she’s going to be a lot of that – busy.

Thanks for reading, you may want to read this article on why women dig smart men, and how to up your A game by becoming one if you want to increase your odds at keeping your med student. alright so at the end of our ridiculous spending, bar hopping, hooker fucking, model ravaging (the female kind of models), binge while working in finance, there will come the time for a serious long term relationship, that might/might not lead to opinion?Here are a few tips from him for dating a medical student: “Number one, don’t ever be late for dates.While this is cardinal rule in regular dates, it is of utmost importance when dating a med student. They are among the smartest in the land; they’ve braved the high seas of entrance exams, one after the other.These often unspoken issues place significant strain on relationships.

And it gets uglier should divorce enter the picture: …

So, a word of advice to anyone currently dating an American medical student.

Debt will enter the picture, and it may be better to discuss its implications on your relationship sooner rather than later.

i always thought they were the dorky pimply types back in college who studied 24/7.alright bitches, links deleted.

If you insist on dragging someone into this mess, there are four things you need to know…and when I say : Just to be clear and make sure you understand… Be prepared to be the one that bends, and then bends again and again and again throughout this entire journey. Hopefully, they can plan their study schedule around it. It’s probably is easier to go through these medical school years single, but knowing someone is in your corner, cheering you on, and sharing this journey with you, can be worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.

Yes, dating a medical student can be this demanding and more. But if she’s worth it and more, then you’re good to go.