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“There’s boys over there on an on-going basis,” the neighbor said.

Investigators said Fenstermacher first contacted the victim while playing the online game, Minecraft.

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William Jacobs and Shayla Williams were arrested on September 11, 2012.Police say they trafficked their victim in eight different states, during a three-week period.Mosaic Family Services in Dallas serves victims of human trafficking and their families.Bill Bernstein is the Deputy Director of the organization and said he thinks there are many cases that go unreported.While these allegations appear unrelated to Scouting, we took immediate action to remove this individual and preclude him from any further participation in the Scouting program.” The Boy Scouts said Fenstermacher had no direct contact with youngsters in his role.

But Fenstermacher’s neighbor said she saw him host Boy Scouts activities.

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Red Flags is an online training course on human trafficking awareness and identification.

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MURPHY (CBS11) – The Boy Scouts of America has barred volunteer, Keith Fenstermacher, 41, who was arrested for allegedly exchanging sexually explicit photos and videos with a boy younger than 14 who lives in Freehold Township, New Jersey.

Police there in turn contacted the Collin County Sheriff’s Department.