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so we can all channel our unlimited (though used so infrequently) potential, boosting and amplifying our mental horsepower in laser-beam focused and "with purpose" positive directions, most specifically for increased instances of Intellectual Stimulation (which is at the illusive, difficult to catch/grasp essence and pure substance of life - most significant to you and all that you want to do ...

it's what you have been on a quest to find for so long now).

you know, so people won't think we're the ones who are actually Batsh*t Crazy!

In these relationships, you somehow lose track of yourself — acting like a maniac or feeling constantly uncertain — and you can’t figure out how or why.

Think about the most annoying people in your life, whether it is partner, a boss, a friend or someone else close to you.

Sometimes they defend the indefensible just to be difficult.

They do not see other people as "people." They see other people as subjects meant to serve their own satisfaction.

An important factor here could be that maybe, just maybe, we all got off at the wrong planet!

Not really, but, at so many points, it sure seems like that, doesn't it? But, first we need to talk about what we're doing here and how things are going to work ...

It is not unique to you, regardless of what they may say to make you believe you're the only person they have issues with.

Your best bet is to limit the amount of time spent around these people and/or get them out of your life, black and white.

The excess amount of absurdity comes at us day and night from everywhere, insulting our intelligence.

The real indignity is we have to "play along" with it all ...

Crazy Makers recognize the opportunity to promise others a beneficial arrangement for all involved, knowing they'll probably opt to disappoint everyone by backing out or showing up late (just because they can).