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Itway MENA and i Nebula will be present with their own meeting points where they will present Itway’s 360° approach to security and new Io T services, created, designed and offered in Cloud Computing mode. Participants will get to know the solutions designed by the Itway Group and its skills to face together the challenges of the future.

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“The development plan of Itway foresees that over the next three years the MENA Area will generate around 30 million euros of revenues.

The Middle East North Africa region boasts an IT market that at the end of this year should reach 9 billion dollars, posting a 7.13% growth compared with the 8 billion dollars a year ago and compared with 6.6 billion dollars in 2010, highlighting a trend of constant growth,” said G. The Middle East North Africa region groups together Countries (like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman) with GDP growth of over 7%.

We market well-known brands like VIP Innerwear, Frenchie, Frenchie X, and VIP Feelings and all of DIYA is the distilled essence of the Gitanjali Groups four-decade long engagement with jewellery.

It reflects the Groups enormous knowledge base of consumer preferences and sensitivities, its ability to produce What is Jan Pro?

After being present in Abu Dhabi for the GCC Cyber Security Summit, Itway President G.